Why We Play

We believe that each of us is born curious. We begin to explore the world around us playfully from the moment we arrive. In the formative years of life, if we are provided the freedom to play in an open, safe, encouraging, and nurturing environment, we will naturally develop the full use of our senses and the foundational skills of communication, self-expression, empathy, and teamwork.

At PlayMakers, with Play-Based Learning, every child can explore, discover, imagine, create, take risks, invent, problem-solve, and express themselves. This sets the stage for crucial social development, empowering your child to convey feelings, accept responsibility, develop empathy, build communication skills, and foster a positive self-identity.

We Begin with Relationships Built on Trust

Primary Care
Early relationships build a foundation of trust, security, and respect. At PlayMakers, each child has a specific caregiver who is principally responsible for their care, diapering, naptime, mealtime, and family communication.

Small Groups
Small groups support personalized care, freedom to move and explore safely, and the development of meaningful relationships.

Continuity of Care
We provide continuity of care by transitioning at least one caregiver of a small group of children into the next age group. Keeping caregivers and children together over time deepens their relationships and sense of trust in their world.

Individualized Care
Responding to children’s needs supports their self-regulating ability. Our program adapts to the child, reminding them that they are important and valued and that their needs will be met.

Environments That Inspire Confidence
We design developmentally appropriate environments that meet each child’s unique learning styles and encourage social interaction, self-expression, and the freedom and confidence to learn and grow through play.

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