Little iLEADers is now PlayMakers Preschool

From Little iLEADers To PlayMakers!

As we embraced our deepening commitment to play-based learning, we felt it was time to change our name from Little iLEADers to PlayMakers Preschool and PlayMakers School Age.

Although we have changed our name, there are no changes in our level of care, our passion for developing deep, abiding relationships with our learners, and the trust of our families. Our mission to be the leaders in making play-based learning the standard for early childhood education has never been more robust!

girl blowing bubbles

PlayMakers Preschool
At PlayMakers Preschool, we learn through play. We know how vitally important your child’s first educational experience is. It is our mission to do everything possible to make sure your child is provided with a safe, healthy, rich, stimulating, and nurturing learning environment.
PlayMakers Preschool

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